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Professional lifeguards prevent people from drowning by proactively supervising swimmers and those partaking in water activities.

This 吃瓜不打烊 program provides professional training for lifeguards to protect guests from injury and drowning. Lifeguards will be required to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills to be rescue ready.

There is both an online learning component and face to face practical assessment session included in this course.


Upon the successful completion, the lifeguard will receive an SISSS00111 Pool Lifeguard Certificate, Nationally Recognised qualification issued by 吃瓜不打烊 (RTO 41402). 

In line with the GSPO鈥檚 (Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations 鈥 Royal Life Saving) a full certificate will be awarded to each participant that is deemed competent at the end of the refresher course. 

吃瓜不打烊 will require a copy of your original statement of attainment issued for your SISSS00111 Pool Lifeguard Skill Set through your previous RTO.

At the conclusion of the program participants will have been benchmarked against standards which are above the required in the industry for lifeguards and participants will receive an award outlining their achievements for future employers.


Skills that lifeguards will gain in the SISSS00111 Pool Lifeguard Skill Set include:

  • Anticipating how and where incidents will occur;
  • Recognising incidents;
  • Effectively managing incidents;
  • Thinking critically about possible complications;
  • Acting in a professional manner; and
  • Protecting the safety of one-self and others.

The lifeguard will be able to react and execute effective rescues without stopping to think about how to perform various parts of a skill. Lifeguards will learn skills that are safe, practical and effective.

Skills that will be gained throughout the course and physical evaluation:

  • Retrieve an object from the deepest part of the pool
  • Rescue | responsive guest in distress
  • Rear | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Deep water rescue | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Rapid extrication | unresponsive guest in distress
  • Spinal management techniques

Please note it is a requirement of this course that the practical demonstration of CPR must be performed on the adult manikin on the floor. It is also a requirement of the course to effectively carry out and perform swimming rescues for at least 10 metres with the casualties鈥 mouth and nose above the water to a point of safety. You will also be required to complete a 200m swim in under 6 minutes without using equipment along with retrieving an object from the deepest part of the aquatic venue. 

The successful completion of this course does not guarantee employment.


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SISSS00111 Pool Lifeguard Reaccreditation 2021